Nr Dans Alternativ 1 Alternativ 2
1 Dance without a partner Pick up your phone Honky tonk stomp
2 Here we go Everywhere Some kind of wonderful
3 6,8,12 True believer Light club
4 Before you love me The Most Beautiful Girl Basic cha
5 Ticket to the Blues! Country walking  
6 Some kind of wonderful Before you love me  
7 Danger twins Until the dawn Cowboy charleston
8 Until the dawn Basic cha  
9 Heart of an angel The last waltz First waltz
10 Peppermint twist Pretend Cowboy charleston
11 Black coffee Electric slide  
12 Greener grass Pick up your phone Some kind of wonderful
13 Irish stew Honky tonk stomp  
14 Cold heart Some kind of wonderful  
15 Pretend Country walking  
16 Kitchen dance floor Rolling rhythm  
17 The most beautiful girl Basic cha  
Workshop: AA
18 Electric slide    
19 Till you can't Country 2 step AA
20 Bounce Pop da booty  
21 Jerusalema Irish stew Electric slide
22 Corn Ticket to the blues! Honky tonk stomp
23 Music to my eyes First waltz  
24 Carribean plans The Banana dance Basic cha
25 Telepathy Country 2 step Electric slide
26 Ghost train Honky tonk stomp  
27 Late night habits Bad habits AA
28 Pick up your phone Some kind of wonderful  
29 Bosa nova Country walking  
30 Make it up AA  
31 Just a memory Some kind of wonderful  
32 Give me shivers Give me shivers Pop da booty
33 Such a fool Cowboy charleston  
34 Shouting to the monsters Such a fool Electric slide